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Book Review: Deadly Encounter

DiAnn Mills is a bestselling author and is well known in the Christian fiction circle. Her book, Deadly Encounter, is the first book in the FBI Task Force series. 
Stacy Broussard is a volunteer and an airport ranger volunteer who makes routine rides around the Houston airport. One particular Saturday morning, Stacy stumbles upon a dead body and an injured dog. After quickly alerting authorities, Stacy soon meets FBI Special Agent Alex LeBlanc. The two work together in order to care for the dog and discover who committed the murder and why. Increasing danger means Stacy must keep a vigilant watch for her safety and the safety of her young friend - Whitt. In the end, the case is resolved and Stacy and Alex look forward to life together. 
If you enjoy mysteries, then this is the book for you. If you enjoy romance, then this book is for you.  And, if you love animals or have a heart for kids who are hurting, then this book is also for you! This book definitely covers a range of topics w…

Book Review: Gratitude

First, I must admit that I am not one who frequently journals. However, when I had the chance to review this journal, I was really excited.
The cover of this journal is bright and interesting. It immediately grabbed my attention and had me wanting to know what was inside. The pages are filled with illustrations, prayers, and praises. There are blank pages left for you to be creative, and many of the pages are able to be colored.
The prayers in this journal are short and simple, but they all direct the heart back to God. They are intended to instill a spirit of gratitude in us in every season of life; whether that may be a high point or a low point.
I really loved reading through this book and being able to have space to write my own thoughts and prayers. As I said, it is a wonderful reminder to be grateful even when it is hard to do so. I would definitely recommend this journal to just about any girl. Although, it probably is not the best choice of journals for those who write a lot o…

Book Review - Restore My Soul

Restore my Soul is a coloring book devotional written by Ann-Margret Hovsepian. She is an author and illustrator from Canada, and has written several devotionals for teen girls. 
When the whole "adult" coloring book phase began, I was a little skeptical. I mean, really, who has time to just sit and color...and why?  But, then I slowly became more and more interested, and eventually I had received my very own "adult" coloring book. Needless to say, I was hooked. When I had the opportunity to review this book I jumped on the chance! 
I have really enjoyed this coloring devotional! There are 40 devotions and each one has a coloring page that goes along with it. There are even a few blank pages so that you can doodle whatever you desire.  Hovsepian's devotions are relevant to everyday life, and were a nice tidbit to read along with my daily quiet time. One complaint I have heard about a lot of coloring books deals with the thickness of the page. However, this book …

Book Review: Under Our Skin

Benjamin Watson, the author of Under Our Skin, presents the racial divide quite well. He continually points out that the problem is not with the color of a person's skin but with their heart. Those that are prejudiced against each other are sinning. They are wrong. And I agree. Watson also points out that both blacks and whites are responsible for the racial discrimination we see today, and that the situation will only change if we all realize this and accept that the racial issues have to do with much more than just the color of someone's skin.  Benjamin Watson strongly conveys that everyone is responsible for their life. Each individual has a choice. They can choose to face the obstacles, the hardships, and the trials that they may face in life with determination, or they can choose to find some way around these struggles.  Often times, those that choose to find some way to maneuver around their obstacle will often lay the blame of the hardship on someone else. All of a sud…