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Book Review: The Inspire Bible for Girls

Over the past few years, journaling Bibles have grown in popularity. With the increased interest, publishers have made available many more options for both the young and the old. The Inspire Bible for Girls is a special edition of the Inspire Bible that is geared to young girls ages 8 and up. This Bible includes over 500 illustrations, space for journaling, and short devotionals and questions to prompt discussion and prayer. 

Although this Bible is geared towards younger girls, I find it interesting and beautiful! I think it would be the perfect gift idea for any of the young girls in your life. The illustrations are beautiful and the devotionals provide meaningful applications to take to heart. The New Living Translation is also an easy-to-read translation that allows people of all ages to read and understand the Bible. 
To purchase the Bible, click here.  To read more about the Inspire Bible, click here
I received this Bible for free from Tyndale Blog Network in exchange for my h…

The Marshmallow Test

I watched a video of a family who did a test with their little boys. They took their oldest son, a 3 year old, and had him sit at a table. The dad then explained that he could have the marshmallow that was sitting in front of him if he wanted it, but if he waited, and did not eat the marshmallow, then he would get another marshmallow and something better. Instantly, I thought, "Well I would choose to wait because getting two marshmallows would of course be better than just getting one," but I honestly did not think this little guy would be able to last very long with this marshmallow sitting in front of him. His dad left him for 5 whole minutes and he DID NOT EAT his marshmallow. This little 3 year old WAITED because his daddy had promised him something better, and he fully trusted him.  After asking him a few questions, they then brought in the second son, a 2 year old. They went through the same procedure, and then left the little guy with the marshmallow. Well, he didn&#…

Book Review: Playing For More

Case Keenum is a professional football player who is the current starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos. Although he has found success in his football career, if you looked at the path he took to get there, you wouldn't have thought he would get there. Keenum received only one scholarship offer for college. Even though he broke records, he was not drafted into the NFL. He was picked up and released several times before finally finding himself as the quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings. Keenum led the team to a 13-3 season and won the NFC North Division in what is known as the "Minnesota Miracle." Throughout his book, Case Keenum outlines his story while also pointing out how God has worked in every season. There were times when Keenum did not know what would happen next, but he kept trusting and God showed Himself faithful time and time again.  Football happens to be my favorite sport to watch. Over the years, I have loved having the chance to "get to know&q…