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Live Without You

Girl meets boy, they fall in love but don't want to admit it, a conflict arises, in the midst of the conflict they realize they can't live without each other, they get engaged, they get married, and they live happily ever after...right? It's the typical Hallmark movie plot, and, unfortunately, of many romance novels, which is why I don't often read them. When I received this book to review, I wasn't sure I would like it. But, wow, was I mistaken, and I'm so glad I took the opportunity to read it!
Live Without You by Sarah Grace Grzy is such a sweet story! *spoiler* Piper Redding and Ezra Bryant have both experienced some of life's greatest trials; however, their responses to these trials were different. Although they are old friends, they haven't talked in several years. When they reconnect, Ezra prays that God will use him to show Piper the kind of love that God offers. *major spoiler* :) In the end they both realize that they have fallen in love with…

Epic: The Story that Changed the World

When I used to work in a Christian bookstore, I noticed that many of the storybook type Bibles were created for much younger kids. These types of Bibles are great to introduce children to the stories of the Bible without overwhelming them with words they don't understand and chapters that go over their head. However, as kids get older, there seems to be a lack of materials to help them bridge the gap between children's story Bibles and the actual Bible. Epic: The Story that Changed the World is an excellent resource for kids who have grown beyond the preschool story Bibles, but who aren't quite ready to read the entire Bible on their own. 
This Bible contains forty stories illustrated in an engaging and exciting way. Each chapter contains a question meant to prompt kids to consider how the story applies to their personal life. Further, this Bible was written with the purpose of demonstrating that the entire Bible is one story. Each piece is connected, from the creation to…