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Book Review: Know Who You Are, Live Like It Matters

In today's society, we are constantly told that we need to figure out who we are. We are told to find ourselves and determine who we are. However, the world's advice on how to go about doing this is often lacking. In Tim Tebow's book, Know Who You Are, Live Like It Matters, he provides sound advice on where we are to look to find out who we are.  Tim Tebow is a well-known athlete and outspoken Christian. In the sports world, one's identity can easily be defined by how well the athlete is performing, by whether or not they are liked by the fans, or by whether or not they are on a team. That being said, one can easily be discouraged by all of the opinions of the fans, coaches, and media. Tebow discusses this and shares how remembering who he belonged to encouraged him greatly. He encourages readers to focus on remembering that they belong to Christ and then applying that to the way that they live.  This book, although geared toward teenagers, is an excellent read for an…

Book Review: Just Sayin'

Just Sayin' is the story of a young girl, Cassie Callahan, who almost gets a new dad, brother, and sister. Almost because, well, something happened. But nobody knows what or why. Cassie's mom, Jennifer, and Nick's dad, Trent, were supposed to get married. However, they seem to change their minds overnight and things completely change. Cassie stays with her grandmother while her mom goes out of town to sort things out, and Nick's family moves to another state. Needless to say, Cassie and Nick are heartbroken that they don't get to be siblings and that they don't get to see each other often, but they continue their friendship through writing letters. Throughout the story, readers learn that both Cassie and Nick love insults, so much so that they even like to watch game shows about making insults. In the end, Cassie and Nick come up with a scheme to see each other and to get their parents back together. They both apply for a position on a game show with their favo…

Book Review: Bible Sleuth - New Testament

If you were anything like me, then your childhood might have included the well-known I Spy or Where's Waldo books. I remember laying in bed with my mom and searching for all those hidden items. So, when I had the chance to review this book, I knew I had to.  Bible Sleuth: New Testament is a fun, look-and-find book that also gives kids the chance to learn a bit about the Bible. Each page is a new scene which corresponds directly with a passage from the Bible. Although the pictures are cartoons and not exact, they do give children at least some idea of what things were like during Bible times. Within each picture, kids will find little tidbits of both truth and humor, all the while learning about different stories from the Bible.  If you are a parent looking for a book that will add a little bit of fun to the Bible, then this might just be the one you are looking for. Kids will love the bright colors and fun illustrations while searching to find the different characters throughout t…

Book Review: Without Warning

YOU GUYS!!!! GO GET THIS BOOK RIGHT NOW!!!! If you have been reading this series, then you must buy this book the instant you find it. If you have not read the series yet, then you need to get started now!  Joel Rosenberg has been my favorite author for quite some time. In every one of his books that I have read, I have fallen in love with the characters, laughed with them, cried with them, grown alongside them, and learned with them. His books are exciting, mysterious, relevant, and eye-opening. They are "on the edge of your seat" types of books, and Without Warning does not disappoint. 

Without Warning is the third and final installment of Joel Rosenberg's J.B. Collins series. (I know, sad, right?) It continues J.B. Collins' search for justice in the fight with ISIS. Although I do not want to give too much of the book away, I will say that it is a tear-jerker. J.B. Collins has been through the worst of the worst. He has seen things that no one should ever have to t…

Book Review: The Missing Matisse

The Missing Matisse is a memoir written by Pierre H. Matisse. To be honest, the first I had really heard of the name "Matisse" was in an Art Appreciation class I was taking right before this book became available for review. Since I had  just learned about Henri Matisse and his work in the field of art, I thought it would be really interesting to read this book written by his grandson, Pierre Matisse. 
Matisse writes his memoir in first person. He begins his book with his earliest memory. What exactly is that memory? Well, it is the memory of the day his younger brother was born. Although he was only 3 years old, Pierre is able to recount in great detail all that unfolded that eventful morning. Matisse continues his book by describing events that took place throughout his childhood and into his adult life. 
As expected, Pierre Matisse possessed great artistic ability, even from an early age. He took pride in his art skills and tools. He saved for different paints and utensil…