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Book Review: Gratitude

First, I must admit that I am not one who frequently journals. However, when I had the chance to review this journal, I was really excited.
The cover of this journal is bright and interesting. It immediately grabbed my attention and had me wanting to know what was inside. The pages are filled with illustrations, prayers, and praises. There are blank pages left for you to be creative, and many of the pages are able to be colored.
The prayers in this journal are short and simple, but they all direct the heart back to God. They are intended to instill a spirit of gratitude in us in every season of life; whether that may be a high point or a low point.
I really loved reading through this book and being able to have space to write my own thoughts and prayers. As I said, it is a wonderful reminder to be grateful even when it is hard to do so. I would definitely recommend this journal to just about any girl. Although, it probably is not the best choice of journals for those who write a lot o…