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Book Review: The Kremlin Conspiracy

Dear friends,  Do yourselves a favor and go buy Joel Rosenberg's latest release, The Kremlin Conspiracy. Seriously, this book is amazing! If you have known me for any length of time and we have discussed reading at all, then you have probably heard me mention Rosenberg's name a few times. He is by far my favorite author and always produces the most captivating reads. 

Oleg Kraskin and Marcus Ryker could not be living in more different worlds. Although seemingly polar opposites, they actually have a lot in common. They both were married around the same time, had one son, and possess a sense of pride and loyalty for their country. Though one works to protect his country, the other is used to further his country by hurting others. Over time, the two come together in unexpected ways. Their passions for their countries and their knowledge of what is right and wrong collide to force them to make hard decisions which could put their lives at risk. 
Joel Rosenberg's The Kremlin Co…