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Book Review: The Seamstress

When I requested this book to review, I was intrigued. Although I had never read Dickens' A Tale of Two Cities, I thought it quite interesting that this book's characters were based on it. Additionally, I had never read a book by Allison Pittman so I thought I would give it a try.

This book is set in the heart of France during a time of unrest. The restlessness felt in the country subtly creeps into the hearts and homes of the characters. Readers are immersed in the setting and the lives of the characters. As the characters learn and grow, so do the readers.

Overall, I must admit that I did not fall in love with this book. The author writes beautifully, making the country and the characters come to life, which is something to be greatly appreciated. I believe that many would thoroughly enjoy this book; it is simply not my favorite. Something that I both loved and greatly disliked about this book was how descriptive it was. This worked well for making the reader feel completely…