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Book Review: Under Our Skin

Benjamin Watson, the author of Under Our Skin, presents the racial divide quite well. He continually points out that the problem is not with the color of a person's skin but with their heart. Those that are prejudiced against each other are sinning. They are wrong. And I agree. Watson also points out that both blacks and whites are responsible for the racial discrimination we see today, and that the situation will only change if we all realize this and accept that the racial issues have to do with much more than just the color of someone's skin.  Benjamin Watson strongly conveys that everyone is responsible for their life. Each individual has a choice. They can choose to face the obstacles, the hardships, and the trials that they may face in life with determination, or they can choose to find some way around these struggles.  Often times, those that choose to find some way to maneuver around their obstacle will often lay the blame of the hardship on someone else. All of a sud…